LSD Test Kits – A Brief Introduction

LSD stands for Lysergic acid diethylamide, which is a synthetic drug created for recreational purposes. It is popularly called the street drug, which induces hallucinations when consumed as a powder or colorless liquid. Due to their recreational qualities, they are often used at parties and concerts and to induce a general high. However, the adulteration of drugs has become common in recent times, which can cause serious complications to the consumer, also leading them to the path of death.

Many testing kits and methods have been introduced to prevent people from consuming adulterated drugs and overdosing on them. Although LSD is considered illegal in many countries, it is still consumed by many peers as a form of recreation.

There are many test kits available in the market to check the presence of LSD. In this article, we have briefly mentioned the popular scents available in the market.

EZ Test Kit for LSD and other indoles

EZ test also stands for Ehrlich reagent test, which is not only used to detect the presence and percentage of LSD in a substance but it is also used to test other chemicals like 5-MeO-DiPT, DMT, AMT, and others. This test kit comprises a color chart, Ehrlich reagent, blotting paper, and a ceramic plate. When the substance is taken and placed on the ceramic plate and drops of the Ehrlich reagent are drizzled on top, there should be a color change to purple in the presence of LSD. However, no color change indicates the presence of LSD.

LSD Test Kits

Dosetest LSD Test Kits

These are for taking the test for LSD and other drugs outside of the lab. The test kits are available in three different versions – lite, standard and complete. The complete version of the test kit is the best as it can help people detect the presence of different adulterated substances and other chemicals, increasing the feelings of anxiety and insomnia in the consumer. By pouring a few drops on the sample, people will be able to detect the presence of different toxic substances in the drug, if any! Generally, every test kit comprises a color chart, which helps indicate the color change corresponding to the presence of the drug.

Why should you test LSD?

The testing kits mentioned above are highly popular in today’s world. LSD, like many other drugs, produces hallucinating effects on the brain, which changes one’s perception of the senses. So it is because they contain synthetic hallucinogen factors called NBOM, which can cause an increase in psychological distress, fevers, tremors, vomiting, and even death. Unfortunately, it is impossible to detect NBOM from LSD, especially if both are in the form of blotting paper. Hence, by testing LSD for the presence and percentage of other drugs, it is easier to stay away from overdosing and keep yourself safe from danger..

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