What You Should Know About Using T-shirts to Market Your Business

What You Should Know About Using T-shirts to Market Your Business

When ordering t-shirts, it’s important to determine who will be wearing the garment, but you need to also think about who will be seeing it and what message it will display. Whether you are outfitting your staff or giving t-shirts away for a promotion, it’s vital to determine what piece will work best within your budget and what piece will best display your logo or message to provide the most impact.

Promotional T-shirts Work Well for Businesses of All Sizes!

Promotional t-shirts have been a part of business promotion and marketing of brands for a long time. They work well as gifts for clients and prospective customers. You don’t have to be a large business to benefit from promotional t-shirts.  Businesses of all sizes have used them to create awareness of their product, brand or company image.

Giving promotional t-shirts to your employees is a great way to increase brand awareness for your business. It is a very inexpensive way of making your staff stand out from the crowd while you present a unified look in your business, much the same way a uniform does.

Corporate branding on t-shirts can significantly improve the brand awareness of a business in a very short period of time, no matter if it’s for a relatively small market like Burlington or Greensboro, NC or nationwide. They can also enhance customers’ perception of your business as well.  Looking at the relatively low cost of purchasing screen printed t-shirts along with the length of time a good quality t-shirt can last makes them one of the most cost-effective methods of marketing for many businesses.

As you shop for t-shirts for screen printing or embroidery to promote your business, make sure you use a company that can help you find the right shirts to fit your budget. They should know what brands, styles and colors will make you look great in front of your clients.

Questions to Ask Yourself

Questions to ask yourself when selecting t-shirts for your employees:

1.    Who will be seeing the shirts my staff will wear?
2.    What will be the most useful, comfortable and practical shirts for them to wear?
3.    What type of shirts will enhance my image while staying within my budget?
4.    Will I be using screen printing or embroidery for my message and logo?
5.    Will I give the shirts to the staff or require them to pay for them?
6.    Will I require them to wear it at specific times or on particular days?
7.    What do I want people to think when they see these shirts?
8.    In what season will the t-shirts be worn? Do I need long-sleeve, short-sleeve or both?
9.    What color(s) will work best with my logo/design colors?

Questions to ask yourself if you will be selling or giving away t-shirts to clients or prospects:

1.    What type of shirts will best display my message and/or logo?
2.    What type of garments will enhance my image and stay within my budget?
3.    What is an appropriate price for the shirts?
4.    Will people want to wear the t-shirt with my logo or design?
5.    Is the garment viewed to have a high value as a thank you gift, promotion or retail item?
6.    What do I want my clients and prospects to think when they wear the item?
7.    Do I want to use embroidery or screen printing for my t-shirts?
8.    In what season will the shirts be worn? Do I need long-sleeve, short-sleeve or both?
9.    What color(s) will work best with my logo/design colors?
10.   How will we distribute the shirts?

Remember, t-shirts can be a very effective way to advertise your business but only if they match the image you want to display to the public. You must not only choose a high quality t-shirt but also a high-quality supplier of Houston screen printing and embroidery to achieve your marketing goals.

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