So You Want to Sell T-shirts Online, Huh

So You Want to Sell T-shirts Online, Huh

Print-on-demand services have become quite popular lately, and rightly so – they eliminate many of the startup costs associated with selling custom printed apparel online and offline. But of course it wasn’t always this easy to sell t-shirts. These days, you have it made when it comes to this business.

I remember getting t-shirts printed for my band in high school back in 1998, and later when I started my custom t-shirt company a couple years later (by the way – the company is still running today thanks to print-on-demand), I had to shell out several hundred dollars every time I wanted to sell a new t-shirt design because I had to pay for the screen setup fees and had to purchase an inventory of shirts.

The problem was that first of all, the screen fees were a significant cost. Second, I would end up having to print a ton of shirts just to have a decent inventory, knowing that some of them would never sell. You see, you have to make sure you have every size and color available all the time so that if someone wants to buy a Youth Large or an Adult 3X-Large, you have one on hand to sell to them. And sure enough, by the end of it I’d be several hundred dollars in the hole with a bunch of random sized shirts sitting in a box in my closet that were never going to see the light of day!

The biggest pain in the butt of all, though, was managing that inventory. I mean seriously, that was enough to make me want to quit right there. It seemed every other week I’d have to do a whole re-count of my inventory on hand, just to make sure that I kept my records straight for the online shop so that no one would order something that I didn’t have in stock.

On top of that, the fulfillment was a hassle in and of itself. Here’s how that system worked:

  1. Customers would place orders online,
  2. I’d get an email with the order details,
  3. I’d have to dig through boxes and boxes of shirts,
  4. pull out the ones needed for the order without messing up all the other ones in the box,
  5. stuff them all in the proper USPS Priority Mail envelope,
  6. hand-write the mailing address on them,
  7. head down to the post office,
  8. stand in line,
  9. pay for the postage,
  10. stick the labels on the envelopes,
  11. keep track of the delivery confirmation numbers,
  12. and then email the customers to let them know their order had been shipped.

Needless to say, after several years of that I got a little burnt out on the whole selling t-shirts thing.

But then one day a little website called came around. Well, I was less than impressed with the digital printing. I mean, it seemed only slightly better than a heat transfer t-shirt you get at one of those tourist traps at the beach or the county fair. But it gave me an idea.

What if I Could Automate My T-shirt Company Like This?

All I would need to do is find a screen printing company that would print my shirts on demand as customers ordered them on my website, ship them out to those customers, and then bill my business credit card. Well, it sounded easy enough, but I’ll tell you, you will come up against a LOT of opposition in the screen printing industry when you ask them to print less than 12 shirts at a time and then ask them to waive the setup fee each time!

Honestly, it took me three years and a lot of hassle and headache to find a screen printer that would do such a thing consistently and reliably. And even when I found them it took a lot of time and money invested on my end to setup the whole order processing system so that it would be streamlined and automated.

But my hard work paid off when I finally had a completely hands-off, automated, online t-shirt selling MACHINE that made regular deposits into my bank account.

FINALLY! I actually had a real “business” that put money in my bank account even when I was on vacation, instead of another “job” that ate up all my time. This is how I wanted my t-shirt company to run from the beginning! You can’t really say you own a business if your time and labor is needed to make the business run. At that point, the business owns YOU.

Here’s my sales process now:

  1. Customers place orders on my website.
  2. Their funds are automatically deposited to my bank account.
  3. Screen printer receives order.
  4. Screen Printer prints items for order, ships them to customer.
  5. Screen Printer bills my business credit card for the cost of printing and shipping.

Did you notice the big difference? I am nowhere to be found in this process at all, except when I check my bank account every other week, watching it grow on its own.

I did the work up front, and now it was paying off over and over. I had finally become a “business owner” – the proud owner of a business that ran with or without my involvement. The kind of business that could be sold to someone else if I ever wanted cash in and sell it!

You may be thinking…

What Does All This Have to Do With You?

That’s the best part of this story. Do you know how I said it took me several years, a lot of time and effort, and a lot of money to put together this t-shirt selling machine? Well let me just say, you have it easy now because I’m making this same automated business process that I use in my clothing business available to YOU.

You don’t have to bother with setting it all up yourself, worrying if you’ll ever recoup all those startup costs, because I’ve done the legwork for you. All it takes is to become a member of to be up and running with your very own t-shirt selling, profit-generating, headache-reducing, online automated business!

So I would highly insist that you take a look at our Features & Pricing page to see if this automated t-shirt selling machine is for you.

This is the first and only system of its kind on the internet because we provide actual, professionally screen printed shirts – NOT digital direct-to-garment printing!

It’s time for you to step up, make a difference in your life today, and start your newfound gold mine selling t-shirts online.

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